Son Güncelleme:

25/04/2022 - 15:01

Guidelines for Concert Application

The use of Culture and Convention Center for concert organizations is subject to the approval of the Presidents Office and the following conditions:

1.Institutions and/or persons who wish to organize concert, after getting all the necessary information from CCC; apply to the Presidents Office with a petition. The written application must include the following information.

a-Name and content of the event

b-Date of the event

c-Time of the event

d-Organizing person/unit/institution

e-Contact information


2.The resume of the artist must be attached to the application petition. In addition, the petition must contain detailed information about the concert (number of band members, duration of the event, duration of the rehearsal, technical equipment information, etc.).

3.The concert hall is allocated for rehearsal so as not to disrupt the general operation of CCC and at times deemed appropriate by CCC.

4.At all concerts to be organized in CCC, a certain number of seats are allocated to METU

5.Ticket sales are carried out by the event owners.

6.The publication of banners, programs, invitations for concerts belongs to the organizing institutions and/or persons.

7.The institutions and/or persons organizing the event are responsible for the transportation, placement, storage and insurance of the instruments to be used in the concert.

8.Technical equipment is provided by CCC. Audio-visual and lighting systems that are not available in CCC are provided by the institutions and/or persons organizing the concert.

9.Written and visual materials are placed in areas deemed appropriate by CCC.

10.Before each concert organization, a contract is signed between the institutions/persons and CCC; that includes the hall fee, the use of technical equipment and other terms of use.