Convention Meetings and Exhibitions

The use of CCC for Meeting Organizations is subject to the approval of the Presidents Office and the following conditions.

 1. Institutions and/or persons who wish to organize a meeting can apply to the President’s Office with a petition. The written application must include the following information.

     a.  Name of the Event
     b.  Date of the Event
     c.  Time of the Event
     d.  Organizing Unit
     e.  Name, Surname and Telephone Number of Event Advisor
     f.   Hall
     g.  Required technical equipment
     h.  Details about Catering Services

2. Before finalizing the booking for the event, the relevant staff of the CCC informs about the meeting hall fees, technical equipment and all other matters.

3. The publication of banners, programs, invitations for the congresses and meetings held in CCC is undertaken by organizing institutions and/or persons.

4. For each meeting organization, a contract is signed between the institution/persons and CCC.

5. Written and visual materials are placed in areas that CCC regards as appropriate.