General Information

Son Güncelleme:

06/12/2022 - 11:17


The METU Culture and Convention Center (CCC) has a spatial and technical infrastructure that will enable all kinds of national and international congresses, seminars, meetings, conferences and cultural events to be organized.  There are nine halls, two foyers and an exhibition hall in the center. The Cultural and Convention Center, which can provide all the functions in itself without the need for outsourcing, also benefits from the wide range of possibilities of the METU campus.

All participants of congresses, conferences, seminars and meetings organized by METU Culture and Convention Center are offered:

- Technical presentation devices

- Voice-over devices

- Voice recording devices

- Internet connection

- Computer System

- Catering services.


Located on a campus that is away from the rush of the city, METU Culture and Convention Center (CCC) has a perfect natural environment and all sorts of social and sportive possibilities. You will have the opportunity to organize meetings, seminars, congresses, conventions or cultural and artistic events in a center that contains all the innovations of technology, architecture and infrastructure. It has all the ancillary services in the same structure; therefore, you can keep the organization costs per person minimum.



Without compromising its core values, Middle East Technical University Culture and Convention Center, constantly improves and develops itself with its innovative approach in the fields of management, operation and human resources and with the understanding of the best and the highest quality services at contemporary standarts. In this way, it aims to provide society with high-level service by contributing to all its partners scientifically, artistically, socially and culturally.



To increase the strength of the University in the social and cultural fields, as well as the scientific productivity of the University, as an effective tool for the Middle East Technical University to achieve its development goals and to contribute to the science, culture and art life of Ankara as well as our University by enabling our country's human resources to benefit from the university's knowledge and culture more effectively and efficiently.



With its location, architectural features and technical infrastructure, Middle East Technical University Culture and Convention Center is an institution that scientific, cultural and artistic activities with wide participation are carried out and that aims to ensure the satisfaction of users and employees through its open approach to innovations, and contemporary environment it offers.